Strangers Rush To Help When Man Collapses On The Street, But One Woman Walks Off With His Dog

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Who would steal a Chihuahua from a dying man? That’s allegedly what one woman did.

Robert Corbey, 59, was walking his dog, Sampson, when Robert collapsed suddenly.

What happened next was caught on video by a nearby surveillance camera. In the video, a few people rush to Robert’s aid as he has a seizure by the side of a dumpster. One woman, later identified as Melody Mellon, can then be seen walking off with Sampson.

Sampson, who the family says is a certified therapy dog, takes one last look at Robert before the stranger leads him away on his leash. Robert was taken to a hospital, where he later died.

Robert’s niece, Kelly, couldn’t believe what happened that day by the dumpster.

“They showed me surveillance of her holding his leash and I did not recognize her,” Kelly said.

Melody was found just a few days later, sleeping in a truck she allegedly stole with the dog she also allegedly stole. Sampson was given a clean bill of health from the vet after the rescue and reunited with his family. Kelly said she took the grieving Chihuahua to the funeral home to say goodbye to Robert.

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